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The Florida Whistleblower Acts protect employees who report dangerous, illegal or unethical acts committed by their employer. Call 954-472-8401 now.

In Florida, it is against the law to fire or retaliate against any employee who discloses or reports dangerous, illegal or unethical acts committed by their employer. Both private and public employees are protected under the Florida Whistleblower Acts. Retaliation brought against any employee could open the employer up to a lawsuit brought by the worker and could possibly lead to criminal prosecution as well.

Attorney Books and GavelThe Law Office of Randy Fleischer has been involved in numerous whistleblower lawsuits, protecting employees from retaliation after they filed complaints against their employer who may have violated any number of laws, rules or regulations ranging from fraudulent business activities, violation of laws regarding family and medical leave, safety issues, accounting, gross mismanagement, financial irregularities and more.

Under the Florida Whistleblower Acts, an employee who wants protection under this law must meet certain criteria. The employee must have disclosed or threatened to disclose a violation to an agency either under oath or in writing about a policy or practice of their employer. The practice must be a violation of a law or a regulation related to the business and that the employee was retaliated against because of the threat to disclose that information.

Because a whistleblower suit can be damaging to a company, the tendency for the employer is to retaliate in many cases. Through his 25 years of practicing discrimination law, Mr. Fleischer is skilled in the nuances related to retaliation which may be overt or subtle in different situations.

Mr. Fleischer’s experience representing employees as a whistleblower attorney has been augmented by several years of experience serving on the board of the Florida Employment Lawyers Association and National Employment Lawyers Association Affiliate Relations Committee.

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